Sound Phonics Phase 3 Book 1


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Sound Phonics prepares children for full fluency in reading, writing and spelling by providing intensive practice in phonics. A comprehensive phonics resource, it is fully compatible with ‘Letters and Sounds’ and any other incremental phonics programme. Its graded activities, best completed with an adult, reinforce early literacy skills through listening and speaking, and support a multi-sensory approach.

In Sound Phonics Phase Three, the child practises letter Sets 1 to 7 and is introduced to the concept of two or more letters making a single sound. The child works towards correct letter formation by tracing over enlarged letters, with arrows for guidance. ‘Sound buttons’, which help the child to say and then blend the sounds in a word support reading, and ‘Phoneme frames’ are used to support segmenting for spelling.

Sound Phonics Phase Three Book 1 is the third book in the series and a one-per-child activity book. It focuses on:

revising letter Sets 1 to 5
practising letter Sets 6 and 7(plus four consonant digraphs)
using rhymes to practise letter names.

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47 pages


Carol Matchett


Schofield and Sims

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